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Dominic Robson

Dominic Robson

Dominic Robson is a book reviewer and an avid reader. If you are looking for great resources on making money out of sports betting, check out The Betting Profits Formula. Also check out Bet For A Living, where you can learn a formula to make money on sports betting.
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Determined to snap the longest championship drought in North American professional sports, Cubs general manager Theo Epstein kept busy in the offseason, signing outfielder Jason Heyward and starter John Lackey from division-rival St. Louis and adding super-utility player Ben Zobrist.

As Arizona Diamondback players report on Wednesday to Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, a half-hour drive from downtown Phoenix, the long-suffering Cubs are the unaccustomed, heavy 4-1 favorites to win the 2016 World Series.

Reigning MLB champions the Kansas City Royals did not make major additions but re-signed free agent outfielder Alex Gordon and brought in starter Ian Kennedy to compensate for the loss of Johnny Cueto, who signed a free agent deal with the Giants.

(Reporting by Larry Fine in New York; Editing by Frank Pingue)

The Boston Red Sox, AL East cellar dwellers in 2015, signed free agent starter David Price, who last year helped Toronto reach the postseason for the first time since 1993, and added closer Craig Kimbrel to rate a 12-1 choice with the Blue Jays.

With a roster full of young talent including sluggers Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant and Kyle Schwarber, and a pitching staff topped by Cy Young winner Jake Arrieta, the Cubs reached the NL Championship Series last year after posting the third best record in the majors.

Following the Cubs in preseason odds were the 2015 NL champion New York Mets and San Francisco Giants, both rated 8-1 choices to win the championship by online betting site Bovada.

The thaw from winter’s teeth-chattering cold is underway, perhaps most noticeably for eager Chicago Cubs fans with this week’s heartwarming arrival of pitchers and catchers at Major League Baseball spring training camps.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Washington Nationals follow at 10-1, with the National League’s leading teams all priced ahead of the top American League choices.

The Cubs’ crosstown neighbors the White Sox beefed up their infield by dealing for second baseman Brett Lawrie and slugging third baseman Todd Frazier, while Detroit added starting pitcher Jordan Zimmermann and outfielder Justin Upton over the winter.

Kansas City were rated 16-1 choice to repeat, followed by the up-and-coming Houston Astros at 18-1 while the Yankees were a joint sixth pick at 22-1.

To offset the loss of Price, Toronto expect young starter Marcus Stroman to return from injury to pick up the slack and strong-armed young Aaron Sanchez might join him in the rotation.

Two other AL Central clubs made bold moves in hopes of challenging the Royals.

For the Cubs and their fans, it seems like an eternity since they ruled the baseball world having not won a World Series since 1908.

Among teams making offseason splashes were the Diamondbacks, who bolstered their rotation by signing free agent Zack Greinke away from the Los Angeles Dodgers and trading for Shelby Miller.

Hope springs eternal with the beginning of spring training in Arizona and Florida, with all teams gearing up to start all level when Major League Baseball’s marathon 162-game season opens in April.

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Dominic Robson

Dominic Robson

Dominic Robson is a book reviewer and an avid reader. If you are looking for great resources on making money out of sports betting, check out The Betting Profits Formula. Also check out Bet For A Living, where you can learn a formula to make money on sports betting.
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And as is the case with the Arkansas-based giant, many times this will be more profitable than being extremely selective and doing a small amount of volume, even if the mark-up is higher.

Making it more difficult for sports bettors is that some sports services will claim to have won 200 units in a particular sport, but don’t mention that they release 10- or 20-unit plays, along with several 100-unit “locks” at the end of the year if things aren’t going so well and they need something to base next year’s advertising on.

With baseball season coming back in about 4 months, many sports gamblers will be seeing ads from different sports services claiming winning percentages of 65-percent for baseball, and that’s entirely possibly, but what the services aren’t saying is that the majority of their selections were favorites of -200 or more, turning that 65-percent handicapping into a losing proposition.

The only statistic that sports bettors should be concerned with is units won, which is the amount of profit, or loss, they have over time, and not worry nearly as much about winning percentage. A winning percentage of 55-percent sure doesn’t sound as sexy as a 60-percent handicapper, but if your volume of plays is high enough, it can certainly be much more profitable.

If somebody were to ask you if you would rather be a 60-percent handicapper or a 55-percent handicapper, which would you choose? The obvious answer is that it’s better to be a 60-percent handicapper, but that isn’t necessarily true.

The 55-percent handicapper is using what is commonly referred to as the Wal-Mart Approach, which is to have a lot of volume with the expectation of grinding out a small profit. For the bettors that do their own handicapping, however, units won is really the only thing you should be concerned with, as that ultimately is going to translate into the bottom line. At the end of the month, the 55-percent handicapper would have gone 83-67 for a gain of 9.3 units, while the 60-percent handicapper would have gone 18-12 for a profit of 4.8 units, so the 55-percent handicapper has made nearly twice as much.. In the question above, it would be much better to be a 55-percent handicapper if you were playing 150 games a month, as opposed to a 60-percent handicapper playing one game a day

Is Affirmative Action Reverse Discrimination?

Dominic Robson

Dominic Robson

Dominic Robson is a book reviewer and an avid reader. If you are looking for great resources on making money out of sports betting, check out The Betting Profits Formula. Also check out Bet For A Living, where you can learn a formula to make money on sports betting.
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Affirmative action is not a perfect solution, but does provide the best opportunity for people of all backgrounds to be given the chance to compete. That profound statement truly sums up the essence of racial privilege and what it is to be white in the United States. Maura J. It demonstrates that some people are given a head start while others have to work much harder to get to the same place. The end result is the same, but one is much more painful.

The white team is allowed to field three times the numbers of players than the black team.

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The white team grew up playing baseball in organized leagues and attending private baseball camps.

All of the previous 43 commissioners of baseball have been from the white team. Supreme Court, some are claiming white men are being discriminated against despite the fact that seven of the nine justices are white men. In 1947, Brooklyn Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey, motivated both by the ideal of racial equality and the desire to win ballgames, added a black player to his team. The player was the legendary Jackie Robinson. I recall seeing a photo of then Presidential candidate John Edwards on the cover of Esquire magazine, with the caption, “Can a White man still be President?” There have been 44 Presidents, 43 of them have been white men. There is no denying every President had to work hard to earn the highest office in the land. Instead of asking such a silly question, we should be asking ourselves why has there only been one non-white President and no women?

I recall reading a quote by Barry Switzer, “Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they’ve hit a triple”. Cullen

Claims of reverse discrimination have been around for a while; however, recent events have brought it back into the forefront.

Discrimination is discrimination not matter which direction it is pointed. Now the first black commissioner is attempting to appoint a black umpire. Yet the white team is claiming it is unfair.

The white team has all of the latest and greatest equipment while the black team has to settle for the white teams discards.

America’s Favorite Pastime

White vs. Black

By: Dr. With the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the New Haven, CT white firefighters reverse discrimination case, the election of President Obama and the nomination of Sonia Sotomayo, the first Latina to be nominated to the U.S. What it means is that they are no longer given the advantage of starting on third base but must take their turn in the batter’s box along with everyone else. Racism in America still results in a disproportionate number of white people getting on base because they were walked while many people of color were hit by a pitch. I think it’s a sure bet that we will see at least one white man as President again. Branch Rickey wanted the most talented ball players and was smart enough to know that some of the best players were not white.

The umpires are employed by the white team and use to be members of the white team.

Today, there are many Jackie Robinsons so to speak, who deserve a chance to demonstrate their exceptional skills and talents. It’s about creating a level playing field where everyone must earn their way on base and where everyone has a chance to step up to the plate.

Instead of three outs, the white team gets six outs.

This is how I make sense of claims of reverse discrimination. In doing so, the pair ended the baseball color line of the sixty-year era of segregation. There are white people who are passed over for positions they deserved.

To continue the baseball analogy, affirmative action is not about taking white players off the field.

At times affirmative action policy is not implemented to its true intent. They have every right to be upset at the injustice.

Yet for every one of those instances where a white person falls prey to discrimination, there are ten times the numbers of People of Color who experience such discrimination. However, it would appear that the only time many whites condemn such behavior is when the bus is backing up on them. For simplicity, the black team represents all People of Color.

All the games are played at the white team’s home stadium where they are cheered and supported while the black team is booed and taunted.

There was a time in our history in which African-Americans were prohibited from competing in Major League Baseball and were relegated to the separate but unequal Negro League. However, President Obama had additional challenges to overcome due to his color.